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Foundry helper

Timers, status and unlocks

Check your overall progress in the game and all the items and resources you need to complete everything else

Warframe/Weapon details

Details, drops and stats

If you click on any Warframe or Weapon in the foundry, you can see its details and the where you can obtain each component

Crafting trees

Ever felt lost looking at which resources and blueprints you need to craft a weapon? With the crafting tree view you can instantly see all the ingredients you are missing and where to obtain them.

Inventory manager

Create listings with 1 click!

The inventory manager is designed to make your life as easy as possible when selling your inventory items. If you connect your WFMarket account, you can create listings with 1 click!

Relic planner


This final tab is called the "Relic planner", where you can easily check which relic is the most profitable or recommended for you.

Set manager

Manage and sell your sets

Check which sets you are close to completing and sell any completed ones in WFMarket in just 1 click!

Relic overlay

Whenever you open a relic in-game, you will see an overlay with useful information to help you choose the right reward

Riven overlay


Do you want to check if a riven sold in the chat is worth the price? The riven overlay will show up whenever you view a riven and it will tell you how perfect each stat is, the price for similar rivens, and which attributes are the best for that weapon. Oh, and if you are re-rolling rivens, AlecaFrame will also let you compare the old and new rivens!

Mastery helper

Do you want to get to the next MR level as fast as possible? Just let AlecaFrame do all the boring work and compile a list of items that you can easily unlock and things to do to increase your MR.

Riven explorer

No more manually posting rivens

If you have too many rivens (never), the Riven Explorer tab will help you filter and organize your rivens, and see their grades and similar rivens in the market. You can also list them in WFMarket or Riven.Market with only 1 click!

Riven finder

Find your dream riven in a just few seconds. Enter which attributes you want, how similar it should be to you specifications, and AlecaFrame will look everywhere for rivens on sale that match your requirements.

Riven sniper

Get notified as soon as a riven that you are looking for gets listed in Warframe.Market or Riven.Market

Stats and trading history

AlecaFrame lets you see your past trades and the evolution of your platinum, credits, ducats and so on.

Trading analytics

The ProAnalytics tab shows a detailed analysis of your Warframe economy (Trading partners, most profitable items, ...) as well as a technical analysis of Warframe.Market (Patreon supporters only)

And much, much more!


WF Creator - Streamer


WF Creator - Streamer

VRC Discord server

PC based relic running community

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